Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sidekick skills improving

Did not have Superdog School last week because was so wet, but did have yesterday!  Am so thankful, Jacinta finally starting to get hang of what is supposed to do.  Have certain drill every week, where have 7 jumps, looks like number 8.  Each week have certain pattern that must jump in, and sidekicks must follow with haste and grace.

Usually Jacinta so slow and flailing and confused.  Was starting to think, would never be able to communicate right in jump drill.  So would often get frustrated with and instead go sniff.  But today, today she done so well!  Here are some die-grams.  Orange lines jumps, black arrows superdog path, purple  numbers where sidekick must do job.

 In exercise above, was bit easier for Jacinta.  Most of job was up to superdog, for to run all around killing bad guys.  But at 1, sidekick must do move called front cross.  Is for when is bad guy in front of, so sidekick must punch out bad guy before kills superdog.  Then changes sides to guard other side of superdog.  At 2, sidekick do other front cross.  Kill more bad guys.  At 3, sidekick must do thing called pull through.  Is when has important message for superdog, so superdog must come in close to get message.  Then must run off again speedy quick.

For die-gram 2, was bit more difficult for sidekick.  Had more bad guys to kill.  See?  At 1 has message for.  Must do pull through.  Then at 2, 3, and 4, must fight off bad guy for, and change for to guard other side.

Must say, was pretty difficult but after few tries Jacinta do pretty well!  Feel like, have come to breakthrough moment with.  Can begin to trust that will protect from all sides on missions.

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