Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lack of information makes for disappointed puppy.

Is the LEAST.  FAIR.  Sister Sophie went away.

Was so confused when Jacinta came back home without Sister Sophie in tow.  Asked, "Where did best new little sister go?  Is on vacation?"  But sidekick explain, Sophie was only in house for little while while mum of Sophie had surgery.  Now Sophie so happy back at house with mum.  Is no longer to live here.

But being on the deck with Sophie was all the fun!

WHY?!  Why must evil Sidekick take best small sister away from?  Will most miss all the chasing and cuddling and squiggling.

Sidekick says, must be upbeat and look at good side again, like done with when cannot go on morning walks.  Suppose, Sophie so always stole attention of pack, and also would steal food.  Maybe can be okay, as long as can visit!  Yes, a visit!  Cannot wait for a visit!

Will remember her just like so, a playful and slightly annoying little sister.


  1. Great video, Vertigo! Sorry Sophie couldn't stay with you forever! Maybe your Sidekick will get you another little sister one day???????????? ;-)

    One can always dream...

    Elyse and Riley

    1. Will ask and ask and ask! Maybe, if pester enough, then will happen. Is the most unfortunate that am living at moment with whole pack and not just Sidekick. Sidekick would get little sister for sure! Pack says, no more dogs in house.


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