Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nova so super indeed!

In Lost Almost, am always most excited for to meet new potential friends.

This week, was dog name of Nova.  She come on walk with Sidekick and self one day!  Was good that, when Nova come out of house, she not bark or growl or anything.  She just stand excited, ready to sniff.  Was very polite.  Then Jacinta grab both leashes, and all walk together, Nova on one side and self on other.  All walk for about 5 minutes.

 Snow so most silly!

 Nobody can resist most cute face.

Then after 5 minutes, Jacinta say to sit.  She put long rope on collar of Nova, and let self and she run and run and run!  So zoomed around and so sniffed each other.  Was good with rope, that Nova could have space but could not run away.

Off-leash walks always so best, and are also best when dog friend comes along!

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