Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overwhelmed by puppies

A most strange thing... a yard full of the most tiny puppies!

Was at first seeming to be normal walk, but then turned and went to a yard, and went in.  All of a sudden, was assaulted by small squirmy brown creatures!  Could do nothing but stand so still and growl, growl, growl.  Did not bite or snap, but only growl and snarl.  Small puppies were most interested in!  Guess, feel proud a bit.  Am like role model.

 Mummy Jordan plays with chunky little puppy

Jacinta explained.  Neighbor was fostering puppies from county down south.  Is most sad and awful place where, most homeless dogs get killed.  The puppies and their mum were to be killed!  But they come home with nice neighbor and now puppies are nearly 8 weeks old and soon to be going off to brand new families!

 Human girl puppy holds canine girl puppy

Met the puppy mum.  She smaller than self, and has name of Jordan.  Was pretty obsessed with self, wanted to sniff and sniff.  Unless Jacinta had food and then, would snap and snarl and take the food.  Will forgive, for she have rough life so far and used to feel so starving.  But otherwise, seemed friendly girl.  Would roll over on belly to let sniff all over.

 More rough play from puppy and mummy

Asked Jordan all about pups.  Was curious, for have never had puppies!  Jordan say, knew right away that something was strange and wonderful.  Was motherly instinct, that all good mummies have.  Could tell, no doubts, that was going to have puppies, as soon as puppies existed!  So she began to prepare.  Thanks to motherly instinct, had much time to figure out warm place to be and how to get food.  Decided, was best to try luck at animal shelter, though she knew that maybe she would never come out alive.

 Boy human puppy holds one of 5 boy canine puppies

But thankfully, Jordan was lucky!  As mentioned, nice neighbor go and save her from shelter, and then puppies were born the very next day!  They grew so quickly, so so quickly such that think, puppies will be very big.  Puppies already at 6 weeks as big as self was at 9 weeks!  Well, makes sense.  Dad of puppies was probably boxer dog.

 Tiniest of litter crawls on lap of Jacinta

Biggest of litter watches Sister Cookie

Sidekick say, will have to go see puppies few more times for socialization, so that do not grow up to be afraid of brand new dogs.  Am not looking forward to the crazy fluffy things, but am happy that the puppies look up to and learn from.


  1. Those are some very cute photos!!!

    1. So thanks! Were even very cute (though annoying) puppies! So was easy for to take cute photos.


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