Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The least fair things of all time

Am trying to understand, things that are the least fair.  Least fair things include mornings when Jacinta take only JC and Wyatt on walk, and not self.

Must sit down, and think deeply about pros and cons of walking with JC and Wyatt.  Must understand the decision.  Am smart and clever dog.

Well, when do not walk with JC and Wyatt, have the energy for to play with Sister Sophie.  This is most best.  Also, is important to remember, that sometimes JC so annoying.  Does not stop jumping on or stealing ball.  Can be good to have break from, every once in a while.

But really, think that mostly Jacinta so selfish for to take only Wyatt and JC.  She say, is much easier for to handle 2 dogs than 3, and is least fun when she call dogs and only two come, and she must go chase third.  Is not fault of self!  Self always comes when called, because have trained Sidekick to give treat.  Is always fault of silly Wyatt or JC and think, self should not be punished.

Look, what have missed out on!

Would so like for to climb on big dirt pile!

Would also like to sniff all the things!

Oh well.  Maybe truly is best to only go walking with JC and Wyatt friends for 3 days of the week, and will relax or play with sisters on other days.  Or most best, go on walk alone later in day!

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