Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Self has not forgotten all the people!

Self has in fact been thinking about all the people many a times.  All the days, when Sidekick is most busy at work or with the infestations, self sits and wishes, that new house had internets.  But alas, is not so.  Must be waiting until am taken to house of pack before can say hello.

Apologies, for know, that infestations are interesting for to watch grow, and there has been no infestation information!  Is even most worst, that would so most like to show all the people the many many videos.  But most unfortunate, the Tube of You is making is most impossible to sign in at the current times!  So instead, is some photos.  In these photos are puppies of 6 weeks old.  Soon to be coming photos of puppies of 8 weeks old, yes.

1 comment:

  1. We've been wondering where you were!! Wondering if the infestations had taken over. So glad to know you're still okay!

    Come on, you gotta admit - they're really cute. Are they fun to play with? How long will they be staying?


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