Friday, June 21, 2013

Cattle Dog at Cattle Ranch: the Search for the Missing Cattle

All the while that Sidekick has been away, Evil Stepmummy has taken self to do the most interesting things.  One day she get up and say, "Ok, Cattle Dog!  Is time to go to Cattle Ranch!"  YAY!!!!  Sounds like so the most fun!
Got in the car with some kibbles, and some waters, and some crate, and some leash, and drove and drove and drove.  Finally, self and Evil Stepmummy were there!
 All Cattle Ranches have the red dirt.
Ohboyohboyohboy.  Self was so the most excited for to see the cattle, and leaped out of the car.  For to go searching time!  But... where are the cattle?  Self will search under this tree.

 Searching... searching...
Self has found a stick!  The most best stick!  But no cattle... and so the search continues.  Cows, why for to be not hitting self in the head with the most best high?

 This stick is so most unique
Am searching for the cattle all the day.  Run one way, and run the other way.  Then back the first way, for perhaps the cattles have arrived.  All of this, and with carrying the most unique stick which will help self find the cattles, makes self so most tired.  Is time for a break.
 Will find the shadiest spot

Will even sit by crate, for extra comfort
After the break was time to search and search and search again.  Cattles here?  No.  Cattles here?  No.  Cattles here?  No, but here is an Evil Stepmummy!

Evil Stepmummy sits self down.  "Mr. Squiggles," she say.  "Are for to be cattles here no longer!  Is a cattle ranch, but is no cattle!  Have been no cattles for many years now!  Am sorry that most best cattle dog could never meet the cattles."

Evil Stepmummy should have told this to self before.  When can self meet some cattles?

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