Monday, July 1, 2013

A big visitor

Sidekick comes up to self one morning and says, a big will be visiting today?  Oh no.  A big?  A big what?  Am so most nervous.  Self spends all the morning pacing back and forth.

Will it be a Halo?  The big Great Dane?  Will it be a giraffe?  (Self knows not exactly what a giraffe is, only that it is a big thing)

Then, it arrives.  What?!

This is not a big, but a tiny!!!

Oh.  Is not a big, but a Biggs.  Chihuahua, name of Biggs.  Here is the story of Biggs.

Once upon a time, there is a family that is Friend of Sidekick.  Many year ago, they have a dog who was most best friends with Sister Cookie, before Self was around.  But this dog get old, and have to go to Rainbow Bridge.

Next the Spy Cat, of which belonged to Friend of Sidekick, also went away to Rainbow Bridge.  Friend of Sidekick was so most sad, for both the dog and the evil spy cat were often good company.  But now, Friend of Sidekick live in house with most small yard, and are not home for all the day, and did not feel good about getting another good company pet.

First, was Spy Cat, AKA Deaf Cat, to come along.  When Clarissa needed a new home, Sidekick thought, so most perfect!  Should be giving cat to Friend of Sidekick to foster, and then Friend of Sidekick will fall in love, and Cat and Friend will live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, was not so.  For many reasons.  Firstly, one of Friend of Sidekick not so much fan of Cats (Self thinks, this man so most smart).  But mostly, Spy Cat was too smart and integrated self with Sidekick and now will never leave.  NEVER. *Sigh*

Then, one day, at shelter nearby, was shelter to take 50 dogs from one house.  Was so most awful!  Least of all because the nice dogs who lived at the shelter had to go away to make space for the 50 new dogs.  So 4 came to the local shelter, where Sidekick works.  One of these was this Tiny Dog.  Now, Sidekick often say, Chihuahuas not always most best.  But this dog, he most best.  He silly and not too loud, and not very big!  Sidekick tell Friend of Sidekick, please to be coming to meet this dog!

And the rest, as they say, is his story.  Of course, smart man who hates cats decided to name him Biggs.

 Biggs so most curious of Penny

Sidekick say to Friend of Sidekick, is ok to sometimes leave dog alone many hours!  Sidekick does so to Self!  Is not ideal, but is better than many places.  Is better than shelter.  And sometimes will Sidekick let Biggs come to say hello at house of Self!

Self can see, Biggs is already making self at home.  Self guesses, maybe it will be okay the next day that there is a Biggs visitor.

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