Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Belated 8 week puppy update (picture heavy)

Hello to all the people!

Self promised, and self will deliver, an update on the infestations.  Is true, that following update is not so current.  Is from one month ago.  But please, to be enjoying!  More current update to follow.

At 8 weeks, was time for cutesies (yes, okay, okay, admit, infestations is most cutesie) to find new homes and no longer be in the house of self.  So, cutesies went to work at shelter with Sidekick, and sat in a pen for all the people to see.  Many, many a people would socialize with and love on.  But no families would take them.

Photos were taken for to put on, the most best rescue site.

 Amber (guest starring Topaz's tail)



 Nickel and Topaz




Of course, before adoptions were to be happening, was most important to ensure no more infestations ever.  So all the pups got in the car and went to get their spay and neuter.

Lots of playtime was had outside.

And lots of food time was had inside.  Topaz says, most delicious!

Pyrite has most silly squiggle and play time with a blanket.

And Nickel tells Sidekick all about how she is the most cutesie.

Even more outside playtime is had, with an old t-shirt for to nom.

And Granite shows off some silly ears.

And what was to be had of finding homes?  Well, indeed a few puppies got families!  Opal, now is name of Tess, and went to live with family with four and seven year old girl human puppies, plus other dogs for with to play.  Sidekick still gets to sometimes see Tess for training and et cetera.  Shale, now is name of Copper (most confusing), went to live with family with four and twelve year old human puppies.  Twelve year old is so most in love with Copper.  Copper also has chickens for to chase for to look at and love, and a small dog for to be friends with.

So on week 8, was 2 down and 8 to go.  Thank goodness the infestation-cutesie-puppies were still small and easy to contain!  These days, is not so much...

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  1. Great pictures! Glad some of the pups found homes. Now if only you could get rid of the rest of the infestation! ;)

    Elyse and Riley


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