Saturday, April 20, 2013

Puppies at 3 months- current update

Time flies most fast when there are big, crazy puppies taking up all the space, and all the time, and all the food, and all the games.

The remaining 8 infestations take up the entire pool-bed.

And also they take up many of the space in the pen at the shelter.

On this day here, Granite took a day visit to house of the pack, which was most best, because self did not have to see her for all the day.

And then... Granite went to a new home!  With a three and four year old human puppies!  All the way in Colorado!

More photos get taken:

Socialization gets done, with Wyatt and JC to come over to play.

Amber and Onyx

And then even MORE photos get taken.  Why does self not get adorable photos of self taken?




And Penny gets a new photo as well.

So otherwise, updates:  Granite is new homed.  Nickel, now Gemma, is new homed with a cat, another dog, and a three year old human puppy.  Sidekick gets to see Nickel regularly.  Cinnabar just this week got new homed as well!  Halfway there... but the remaining puppies are 30lbs big!

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