Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Learning about music #2

Has been the longest time since Self has given all the people a singing lesson!  Self knows, that Self is the most best singer.  So here goes.  Following is a song that Self learned some of  last year.  Recently, self has learned more of the lyrics!

"Oh hi, oh low, oh yes, oh no,
a rock, a stick, a frisbee,
won't you throw it for me Cinty?"

See how Self is so excited for to chase the stick?  Even will chase all the rocks!  Just throw it!
"Oh hi, oh low, oh yes, oh no, 
Self met Reggie and Calypso,
Self wish they'd both find new homes!"

Self has met these dogs at the shelter.

Now, all the people, please to be singing!

1 comment:

  1. Riley would chase anything, too! She'll bring me little 1/2 inch twigs to throw for her...and she'll go fetch rocks, too. Silly dog! :)


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