Thursday, October 3, 2013

September in the Tweeter Land

Self has not intended to write none of the things.  In fact, self has many things in self's head.  But, self has been busy and doing many things and therefor always on the phone instead of the laptop.  Then Self talks to all the people on the Tweeter!  Here is what self has conversed about:

1. Self took a run in the large field with Wyatt and JC!  And then Self found an abandoned shoe!  Was then Self's most best friend and carried it everywhere.

2. Self went to dog park and met dog that is often not good with other dogs.  Because Sidekick needed to see how the other dog really behaved with other dogs.  Sidekick does this to Self ALL THE TIME and it is so most worst.  Self has been grouchy all the month, and this is why.  Self has thought over and over and become most unhappy about meeting other dogs.  ESPECIALLY GREAT DANES.

For the record, the other dog was not mean, just shy.

3. Onyx was back for a little while, because he owners were so most frustrating.  Soon was for Onyx to find a real committed home, but until then Self bossed him around so most.  And we had many sleepovers at house of Wyatt and JC and were so crazy that always kept Sidekick up.

4.  After keeping Sidekick up for the always, all got up so most early for walk before work.  Was beautiful sunrise.

5. Self chased all the squirrels!!!

6. Everything rained!  And there was water for to splash in and it was so most the best.

7. Self climbed a tall mountain with Sidekick and some of she friends.  But self ripped many a toenail and it was so most sore.

8. Self barked and barked and barked at the coyotes until Sidekick listened to Self and saved Deaf Cat from the outside!

9. Self took Sister Cookie on a hike with friends.  Sister Cookie went so most crazy for her age and was excited.  Then was sore in the evening.

10. Self saw Evil Stepmummy at end of August and has not seen she since!  Is so most the saddest.

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