Saturday, November 9, 2013

October in the Tweeter Land

For those of the world who are not on the Tweeter, Self will write again all that has happened in October for all the people to read and enjoy.

1. Self thought about how delicious are hot dogs.  Mmmm hot dogs.

2. Self was so most frustrated with the existence of kittens.  Kittens!  Self has not told all the people about the kittens.  Soon to be expecting an additional blog post.

3. Self was excited for to watch TFiOS with Evil Stepmummy in Summer of next year!

4. Evil Stepmummy had awful dream, that Self was missing and would not come back.  If self was missing, Self would have been stolen for Self's beautiful tail.  And Self would be sure to escape to find the way back to Evil Stepmummy and Sidekick!

5. Self was feeling depressed and grumpy for so many weeks.  Sidekick wants to make self happier.  One way is for to take many trips to the park for fetch!  This is most best.

6. On a hike with Wyatt and JC, self found new best friend, Mr. Tiger!  Self was so most pleased with the find.

7. Sidekick left Self all alone at home for to spend time with Evil Stepmummy and those friends.

8. Sidekick told Self to be the most best and quiet dog so she could speak on the phone.  It was most important for some reason.

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