Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New tricks are for to show off.

Have not wanted to learn for weeks and weeks. Do not know, but was in mood of funk. Finally other day though thought, "maybe want to learn." So played clicker game. Started to look around. Oh, will get food if look that way. Keep to look that way. Oh, will get food if move that way. Keep to move around trying to find what is up. Then figure out, is to do with chair! So first circle around chair. No click. Stand near chair. No click. Bump with nose. Yes! Click! Try again. Click! Is definitely bump with nose. So try again. But soon no click. Am frustrate. Put whole head on chair. Click! Soon no click for head! Try with paw, and CLICK! Soon put two paws on chair.
And guess what? Click!

Did not know what next. Put head down on chair. Shuffled around chair. Then lifted back foot and click! Suddenly had idea. Got off chair, got running start, and jumped up! CLICK! And suddenly much food.

Think, did right thing!

Will like to learn more things!

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