Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cold weather is gone now?

Might be that cold weather finally over!  Am most glad.  Was so so so unnatural, to always be shivery.  But now, is toasty warm out!  Is so best for morning breakfasts outside, then for afternoon walks, then for evening zooms and wrestles and chases around yard with sisters.  Even best friends JC and Wyatt have been enjoying with.

JC and Wyatt wait at bottom of driveway while self goes into house.

Must admit, though cold so unnatural and crazy and hope that never happens again, were good things too.  Was fun for to chase snowflakes up and down stairs.  And was nice for to snuggle under blankets.  But this is better!
Sisters and self play all crazy on the deck.

So squinty in the sun! 

 Cookie in her best lying spot.

 Cookie so most beautiful and fancy.

But is even nicer to spend all the day outside in sun and in shade.  Just wish, for water to show up!  Do not know, where water has gone, but is most important in warm weather to play with.  Will go on hunt for sprinkly, swimmy, splashy water.

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