Friday, March 16, 2012

A new little sister?

 Think maybe, Sidekick has brought home for, a new littlest sister.  She so cute and terrierish, and has name of Sophie.

When first saw Sophie, was most excite.  Is little toy for to play with!  Toy for to jump on and paw and bite!  But soon realize, is more fun than just new little toy.  Sophie plays back.  Sophie will run for self to chase, and she will put paws most playful up on face.  Then, jump on back of Sophie and push her down to ground.  Also then collapse onto ground for game of biteyface and squiggle.  Then is time to chase more!
Little Sister Sophie is all up in face!

Will lie down and make self small.

Am captured!

Much love.

Playing inside and playing outside with little sister Sophie most great.  When inside, will usually lie down on blanket and paw and bite at.  Is most fun.  When playing outside, will run and run and run around yard while Sophie chases after.  Chase in the arroyo (great Spanish word.  Easy for to say and spell!), and chase on the deck, and chase in the long grass and chase through the trees and chase under the trampoline.  Then, find great toy and Sophie want to take but say, “No!  Is only for SuperDogs!”  

When is not time for to play, is also good.  When relaxing time is needed, all dogs get chewy rawhide and nom it all up.  Sometimes Sophie prefer to steal deer antler.  Do not mind, is sometimes important for little sister to have fun things.

Is most best, for to have small sister to boss around and jump on.  Now have big sister and little sister and is most balanced house.

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