Thursday, May 17, 2012

Always with the hiking

Always, ALWAYS, with the so best hiking!  Hiking must be what friends are for.

 JC tried to avoid most of the pictures

 Chasing the hound!

 All dogs, is time for to sniff!

 So best picture of Wyatt.

 Going under tree that was fallen from wind

 Wyatt felt so happy and crazy!

 The most tall trees

 Wyatt was most photogenic on this day.


 Am king of the rock!

 Wyatt runs to catch up with.

And so sleepy on the way home.


  1. Fun, fun, FUN! It's nice to see you have doggy friends. Riley likes to be TOP dog, and doesn't play so nicely with all other dogs, only some of them. We have to be picky about who we let her run around with.

    So glad to hear you like to shake a rope toy, too! Must be a Cattle Dog thing!!

    Elyse and Riley

    1. When lived in Australia, all the other dogs were most mean and rude and evil. Hated all the dogs. But here, people have nicely dogs! So fun for to be all the friends with.

  2. Hi Vertigo. Looks like you had a fun day hiking with your mates. Great photos. :)

    1. Hikes are all the fun. Do you go hiking ever?


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