Monday, May 7, 2012

Sidekick now chauffeur again!

Is the best, that have gotten a car of own again!  A car for to drive to agility, and the park, and hiking, and competitions!

Will drive and drive and drive!

Unfortunately, dogs not allowed driving licenses in America, so instead must have sidekick chauffeur around.  And when does not drive fast enough, or when drives too fast, will scream at, saying, "Be better!  Time to be better sidekick!  Learn!"

Car is Ford Freestyle, '05, and 126000 miles.  Is green color, but needs new paint on hood.  Also, dogs that owned car before were not super dogs, and they chewed some of the inside.  But is okay, because duct tape so classy.

Car is named Serenity.  Will be most good to travel the universe in.

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