Friday, May 4, 2012

Have spent whole day away!

Is most best when can take frozen kibble Kong out into yard and lick for all the day!  Sometimes, Sidekick knows to do the best things.

Cookie spent day relaxed in the shade.  She so most beautiful.

Always best like the days when can stay outside for while!  Whether with sister Cookie, or on walk, or frisbee or agility... am most outdoorsy!


  1. You're so nice to your Kong, Duke rips them into pieces in minutes. You and Cookie are both beautiful!

    1. One secret, is that actually have 3 kongs. All get rotated around for to last longer.

      But mostly, Kongs are for to munch and not rip. Ripped Kongs bit when was small puppy with pointy teeth, but now is just for to lick out food.


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