Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A new home for Penny-Bean

As all the people know, there has been a Squatter in house of self for many a time.  Always was she spending time raising infestations, and cuddling with Sidekick, and coming for walks with.  Was so most ready for she to get out of the house.

Was many a places to try to find a home for Penny.  But was difficult, for Penny is a pitbull.  She so most nice pitbull, like most are.  But still, people who would have been great homes for her were frightened by her looks.

Luckily, along came a family who did not care!  Now Penny has 3 boy 2-legged puppies with to play, and many many space of land to run in, and a cat to ignore.  And a hat to wear for always.

Congratulations, Miss Penny!  Please to be writing... but never coming back!

Edit 8/14/13: A few more pictures from her last day with pack!

 She shows off her silly ears

 She snuggles

 She makes funny faces

She has a nose... but I think all the people already knew this.

Sidekick Note:  Still trying to catch up on the important happenings.  Penny has been happy in her home for about a month now!

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