Saturday, August 17, 2013

Though Penny is gone, a Puppy comes back

As all the people know, was once a time when there was many an infestation in the house.  Was lucky, that come a few months, all the infestations grew into puppies and found new homes.

Most unfortunate, that 2 weeks after Penny went, was a call received from owners of Onyx.  Was family changes, said they, and would not have time for him.  Was a most devastating decision.  So back he came!

Oh, boy.  Self was nervous at first.  When last saw Onyx, was the most annoying puppy!  But soon, self saw, that in 7 months, he changed a lot.

 He was fun to hike with

 He went to the Farmers Market and sat most nice and calm

 He could play at park and with all the doggy friends

 He was calm... except for when he was crazy!

Yes, self decided to have all the fun with Onyx.  Plenty of wrestle and chase and tug.  Sidekick say, he have the most best personality.  Snuggly, confident, able to interact with all the people and all the dogs.  Possibly service dog material.  Definitely family material and could go to home with all the people.

Was just starting to get so most used to Onyx in the house.  He so most better than Penny, for Onyx would play all the day.

But then, good news!  Old family thought about it.  Was still having bad family issues but, sad to miss Onyx.  Sat down, and thought and thought and thought, and wanted to adopt back!  Will keep forever.

During this time, also went to visit a few of the other infestations.  Here is Topaz, now Ianto (like Sidekick owns a bird named Ianto!)

And here is Onyx, playing with Opal (now Tess!)

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