Saturday, August 3, 2013

Self was right to be nervous.

What has Sidekick done?!  And why?!  Was so nice for to have a mostly empty house.  Only with self and Penny, and Penny and self mostly can just get along.  But then, Sidekick had to add these!

A little black labrablur 

Penny was excited for to have babies again.  She played and played and played.

 And they tried to nurse which was cute but sad

 Names of Cossack and Czar

And then there were three.  Little Russell was found all by his lonesome and only 5 weeks of old.  Other pups were six weeks of old, so the thought was, what is one more!  Little Russell can have some brothers.  And brothers they became.
 The most snuggle love with Sister of Sidekick

 Clean, shavings-filled pen!  So most best for ease of cleaning.


And then there were 6... for labrabundles had siblings, of which were in another foster home.  The cats, they were not fans of the puppies.  Self is neither fans of the puppies, so self does not see why puppies had to come.  But so they did.

Was soon enough, that the labrapups and Russell were old enough for their neuter!  So off they toddled.  But what to do with so most puppies?  Small town and small shelter would have a hard time finding homes in a nice, speedy manner.

A decision was made!  All the puppies were for to go to Colorado to find brand new homes!  And off they went.  Good bye puppies, and good riddance!

Sidekick Note: We had these puppies for the first two and a half weeks in July.  It was so busy, there was no time for an update!  Now, we finally have internet at our house so Vertigo and I are hoping to try and continue with more regular updates... and there are many updates around here to be had!  Regardless, no matter how little we post we never intend to go fully off the grid... we might just have less frequent posts occasionally.

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  1. Glad that Sidekick set up the pen so the puppies didn't take over your entire house! They're very cute, but they're no match for you. :)


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