Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maybe not any bad spy dogs in Lost Almost!

Is wonderful for to be, that have made many friend since have moved to America.  Most recent are names of JC and Wyatt.

Wyatt on left, breed of hound.  JC on right, breed of who knows what but is so crazy.
JC most crazy dog, with even more energy than self.  Wyatt so much less crazy, even less than sister Cookie, but can sometimes put on burst of zoom and be fun.
 Wyatt says, "Please to be feeding now.  Am so hungry, will have to eat nose."

Have been walking 5 times a week with JC and Wyatt, because parents just had human baby.  And although was worried about meeting new dogs at first, has turned out fine because thank goodness Sidekick finally know to let make sure that other dogs not evil spies.

 JC says, "Is time now for to be crazy?!"

At first many weeks ago, Sidekick allowed to watch from distance and take caution.  Would sit on sidewalk while JC and Wyatt would walk around in driveway and eat dinner.  Snacks would get thrown close to self so that could also eat.  Was great for to not have to worry about crazy dogs jumping all over when first met.

Definitely do not look like spy dogs, look like very nice dogs!

After had gotten to watch JC and Wyatt, was taken on walk with each separately.  Was good for to know that other dog could ignore while on important walk.  Would not argue with or try to play.  Except for sometimes, JC always try to play with at beginning of walk and once Wyatt tried to fight with, but Jacinta so best sidekick and always protects from.  Now feel very safe around both, and are best friends.
 Wyatt puts on the zoomies to catch his sister JC

Now every day, all go to park in morning and run and run and run around.  Is best little tennis ball toy that like to run around with, and even since know that JC and Wyatt good dogs, am happy to let them play with ball toy too.  JC always chase around and tackle self to ground, like Cookie does but with more speed.  Do not always like, but usually is pretty fun.  Then can chase JC around, though she not go on ground ever.  She sometimes bossy, but still good friend.

Sometimes Wyatt want to play too, so he run so speedy up to JC and bite and tackle.  Get frustrated and say "No!  Am playing now with JC!  Not for you!"  and run around barking, but secretly think, is nice for them to play together.  Once, have even played with Wyatt while JC watched!  Was pretty fun, because Wyatt is neat guy.

Play many games with JC, like chase and wrestle and keepaway.  Here are playing boxing.

Every morning, get so excited and cannot wait to see newest best friends!


  1. Oh my goodness! How adorable, Vertigo! We are so glad that you've made friends w/ our pups!

    1. Am so glad too! Are very best friend for with to play, and am getting more walks because of.

  2. Vertigo! Looks like you have lots of fun with Wyatt and JC! I wish Riley got along like that with other dogs. She's too picky about who she likes and hates 90% of the dogs she meets. She's baaaad! You are a good dog, Vertigo!

    Elyse and Riley

    1. Was once, when lived in Townsville, that did not like any dogs at all. Is because when was small puppy was dog that tried to play with but did not know how to be polite, so knocked over. In Townsville all dogs so rude and spies.

      But here, dogs polite and nice, so feel very greatful that no longer have to feel mean to other dogs and can be friendly!


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