Sunday, February 5, 2012

Television time sometimes good!

Yesterday was most great day for television watching!  Am not usually much for TV, but today was AKC Eukanuba Dog Show!  Watched all the pro-seed-ings with Sidekick.

Watching recap of best in groups, shown on TV is Black American Cocker Spaniel, name of Beckham.

Was good for to watch, even saw Australian Cattle Dog like self but speckley, but did not win.  Maybe next year.  Also fell in love with Doberman lady, name of Fifi.  Should like for to have girlfriend of Fifi.  Winner of show was Standard Poodle, name of London.  Made wonder, what would Poodle/ACD look like?  And what would be called in terms of designer breed names?  Blue Hoodle?  Australian Coodle?

Today, is also important TV day, of Soup-or-bowl.  Guess can not have both soup and bowl, have to choose one.  Am not so interested in watching, but maybe will at least snuggle with pack, which is best thing about TV days.

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