Saturday, February 25, 2012

This is the way the morning goes

First in morning is when music alarm goes off.  But when music alarm happens, is not for to wake up.  Is for to roll over, stretch, and put paws on face of Sidekick, then snuggle with for a while.  Is dark and warm in room, and would not mind staying there with Sidekick forever.

Minutes later, phone alarm happens.  Is alarm to say, no more time for to snuggle.  Must get up.  Sometimes, after phone alarm, Sidekick turns all alarms off and curls around for to snuggle for many more minutes.  Sometimes though, Sidekick turns on side table lamp, which lights up room and helps to wake up.

When finally is time to stop cuddling and wake up, am ready to go!  And when am ready to go, AM READY TO GO!  Dash so speedy out the bedroom door and up the stairs.  Am so excited for to get outside, whether rain or snow or sun!  Ring bells on door again and again until slow Sidekick make her way up the stairs.  Then door is opened and Sister Cookie and self zoom into the outside.  Sidekick closes the door and lets Sister Cookie and self be outside alone while she make coffee and breakfast.  Unless are barky dogs, then Sidekick get angry and make Sister Cookie and self come inside.

Next is breakfast time!  So most excellent part of morning.  Sister Cookie eats inside, but superdogs usually eat outside.  Get kibble all put into empty milk carton, and must shake and roll around until all food comes out.  Some days, before get kibble in milk carton, get Kong stuffed with frozen chicken liver!  Is most best.

 Hiding in long grass from all who would steal Kong

Time to come out of there now, chicken insides!

 Om nom nom

Do not run away, Kong!

While am eating, Sidekick also eat.  When day is warm, Sidekick sit at outside table to enjoy sun and read.  Am most speedy eater so usually am finished with breakfast before sidekick.  When that happens, Sidekick go back inside quickly to get rawhide for, so that can chew and chew and chew and not run off until Sidekick is ready.

Breakfast of Sidekick, plus book for to read about starting business, plus kibble in milk carton

Next, go back inside for a bit and then, is time to go on walk!  Have already mentioned such walks with Wyatt and JC.

And that is the way the morning goes, so nimble so nimble so nimble.  Is best mornings that Australian Cattle Dog could ever wish for.  Though maybe, would be better with the addition of some cows.  Will have to work on that.


  1. Mmm! A Kong!! Riley loves peanut butter in her Kong, but chicken sounds just as good!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Peanut butter most tasty but Sidekick say, does not take enough time for to finish! Frozen chicken is longer.


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