Tuesday, February 28, 2012


February came and went and seemed so fast.  Is now time for another Tuesday Quiz!  And what else, but have found one all about L-O-V-E.

First girlfriend was probably Bella, who met when was about 6 months old.

  Am taken, hehe!  Of course by Sidekick but also by new girlfriend, Diesel.  She so cute and nice.
Was kissed by many a person, like breeder people and by Rosie Mummy, and also Sidekick.

Dogs don't wear undies, silly!

So like Evil Stepmummy and Sidekick and The Pack, and all The Tweeter friends.

  Heart is most broken whenever Sidekick go away and does not take with!
  Most of all Evil Stepmummy, but also Daddy of Sidekick because he at work but when he home he always play such funnest games with.

  Last Tweeted at Norwood and Sidekick Debi, because Debi sing a song that was in a favorite movie of Jacinta, name of Babe.

Was tweeted by Norwood and Sidekick Debi to say that, have most beautiful singing voice.  *Howls*

Am so looking at Sidekick right now!

  Say to JC, "No!  Not your stick!  Now go away!"

Top friends include Sidekick and Pack and Evil Stepmummy and Sister Cookie.

All are most always fun for to snuggle and play with.

Sidekick.  She always so protectful.

Sidekick.  She always so kissy and snuggly.

Am always most in love with all the people!

Most sad is when people hurt Sidekick, and in doing so those people have hurt self the most.

Most tragic was when Man Who Gives Chicken had to die and not give chicken or play ball with anymore.  Most tragic.

Am!  Have much different style of life in Lost Almost than had in Townsville but all makes happy.

Sidekick (1), The Pack (6), Evil Stepmummy (7), JC and Wyatt (9), Sister Cookie (10).  Ten.

  Do not often listen to songs, only when Jacinta sing to.  So all songs remind of Sidekick.

Certainly no, for cheating most horrible thing for to do.  Promise to Diesel, that will never ever cheat on.

  No, and Punkie Cow Dog has promised not to steal Diesel.

  What, am in Puppy Kindergarten?  When grown-up dogs in love, tell to each other's faces, not through the vine.

  All the people!

Love all the people!

  Quiz, have forgotten?  Have already asked question and have already answered, heart so broken when am left alone.

Most lovely pack and extended pack, and all The Tweeter friends (most especially gorgeous Diesel), is all good!

  True love:  When love another so much that will let them enjoy selves to max, like chasing frisbees all the day, and eating dead crows, and chewing all the rawhides.

  When Sidekick slip, say to Sidekick, "Oh no!  Are okay?  Was very icy there, hope are okay!"  and then lick and lick and lick her face.

Not so, actually.  Is important for to meet all the new dogs and people and get to know.

Well with people, is not quite so.  Do so love all the people.  But with dogs, is just old-fashioned politeness.

Is best to love as friend, then love as girlfriend, but always for to love.

  Like weave pole and jump bars?  Is way too much risk, because would collide head on.  Only one dog per agility obstacle please!

  JUST.  SAID.  NO!  Would jump over bar and then WHACK!  Sore heads make fights, not love.

  Yes, this one.  Just hang out at the agility place, do not jump and weave through bars.

  Well, so always expect every person to buy gifts for self, so yes.  All the people should buy self all the gifts, whether male or female.

  Human should always wear pants, because dogs do not fit into pants.  Will be happy to give and take in a tug of war with pants though!

  Am sorry quiz, but big words, do not know.  Am just a puppy.


  1. This is my favorite quiz so far, Vert! You have so much love to share! Must love and love and love!

    1. And also will share all the love with Evil Stepmummy!


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