Thursday, June 21, 2012

(Not So) Obedient Dogs (Not yet, at least)

Self got to perform in first ever Obedience competition in Air-is-ona!  And Cookie performed in second.  Was new and interesting experience, but so difficult for not to be distracted.  You will see.

Practicing Down-Stays.

Is hard not to love all the people.  "Oh, hello there!  See?  See how beautiful am?  Will stare and stare and stare!"  And then will never come back to heeling.

Cookie did also not well in the heel, but both of were most wonderful in stand-stay, sit-stay, and down-stay.  Was also pretty good for recalls, were both very exuberant but each still made mistakes.

Tree near ring was also most worst for videoing.

Oh well, next time will be better!

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