Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Roadtripping across the Universe

This weekend, went to Air-is-ona!  Got to see Evil Stepmummy in the morning, but then was stuck only in car with Sidekick and Sister for 2 hours.  After a trip to the park, the roadtrip began!  Was the start of a most long drive, but was given a chew and cold ice water.
Much music was to be heard.  Songs go like, “Oh hi, oh low, oh yes, oh no, San Francisco!”  and the like.  (Yes, know that am most best singer!)

 Hello, trees!  Hello, sky!  Hello, guardrail!
Then got to Air-is-ona and took quick break for to walk around.  Was so different from New Mexico.  Sand and rocks, but DIFFERENT sand and rocks that could not comprehend.  Walked around with tail down.  Sister Cookie, she so excited to be somewhere new with Sidekick.  She so like to go places with Sidekick.

And again, more long driving.  Could smell most delicious snacks from the front of car.  When stopped again, was still nervous.  Where is New Mexico?  Please to be going back to Apple Turkey and Lost Almost?  But then, while walking, caught most best whiff.  Must track the whiff on the ground!  Follow the trail all the way until NOM!  A M&M.  Most chocolatey and delicious.  Evil Stepmummy say, congratulations on sniffing the chocolate, but still may not eat.

Drove again and again forever.  Chew was all used by then and was ready for to get out of car and crate.  All of sudden, hear Sidekick and Evil Stepmummy say again and again, “Bear-is-ona!  BEAR-IS-ONA!  Must to go to Bear-is-ona!”  So to Bear-is-ona went in car!  Was drive through place where could see many an animal.  Asked, why must stay in crate?  Why cannot see?  Was least fair, that Cookie not have to be in crate and could see and bark at all the animals.  Like dogs of the wild!  And the bears!  And goats for to herd!  Will herd you, you goats!

 Cookie most happy for to look around.

Dog of the wild!  A wolf!

Oh, was distracted by the excitement of the goats.  Anyway, Sidekick and Evil Stepmummy so most excited and then was time for to go to sleep place for the night.  Were so many people and dogs at the building!  Wanted to say hello to all.  Got to have munchy kibble and jump on the beds, back and forth between them.  Floor is lava!

 Playing noisy wrestle!

 Then, back into the car.  Was at first upset.  Why for the car?  Why cannot play floor is lava and make noisy wrestle with Sister Cookie?  But then all was forgiven when arrived at a dog park!  Yippee!  Ran around for hour until was mostly tired, then back to sleep room for the night.

 All the people will throw the ball!
In the morning was time for dog show and trial!  Was excited for to strut stuff.  And was so much competition for to be had at show and trial, that more information is contained in later blog posts.  Stay tuned!

Showing off all the beauty that is self!

Was bummer that had often to stay in crate while Sidekick and Evil Stepmmmy walk away to see all the things.  But was best, that sometimes could be out!  Sometimes could do warm ups with rewarding turkey pieces, and sometimes could meet brand new best people and dog friends!

Hello, new friend!

In evening, went again to dog park to run around again.  Then back to temporary den for to eat and relax.  Sidekick say she go explore the streets and shops of Air-is-ona.  Cookie and I not get to come with.  Was the least unfair.  But was okay for to nap, and then when they get back, was time for to cuddle.

Getting crazier all the time!

Then, was day number two at dog show and trial!  More strutting of the stuff and more much competition.  To be contained in later posts!  All too soon, was time for to drive back home.  Air-is-ona for sure is not like New Mexico, but is still fun place for to be.  Mayhaps one day can go back for other trials!

Warming up and cooling down at same time!

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