Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Weekend: Cookie's Rally-O

Was not just self that had much fun in Apple Turkey!  Cookie also got to do some games.

First was getting to to Rally, like self.  Cookie, she so stressed sadly.  She not enjoy the game as much.  Is the most sad, for sidekick say that once a time she so love to do the Rally game.  She get scores of 98 and 99 and prance around the ring like a show horse.  Sadly was not the case on this time.  But she still got a qualify.
Score card for Cookie is above.  Stress made poor sister not want to sit, only to stand and stare at Sidekick.  Also she think, is best to stay calm by smelling all the things and trying to walk far behind.

A most beautiful green American Kennel Club ribbon, for a qualifying score!

Above you can watch Cookie do the course.  Are mistakes, but are also some very well done stations!  Cookie should be proud for working so hard when stressy.

Rally was not only thing that Cookie got to play.  Also got to play the Obedience game.  Unfortunately she not qualify in that.  Was because of her being stressy, and also made sidekick stressy.  Cookie would have done ok but stupid sidekick made mistake of turning around to call Cookie.  Should have kept walking.  Next time, Sidekick not be so stupid.

Sidekick asks, "Ready?" and Cookie says, "Ready!"

Was many, many a thing for Cookie to be proud for.  She has the most rock solid sit-stay.  For those who do not know, when testing the stay in Obedience competition, all the dogs must line up off leash in the ring.  Were 10 dogs to test.  One of the dogs was a 120 pound Akita.  Well, 20 seconds into the stay, the Akita decided that staying was the most boring.  He wanted to say hello.  Guess who he wanted to say hello to?  Sister Cookie.  Now, Sister Cookie a 70 pound dog.  But she so dwarfed by this 120 pound dog.  He go right up to her, stand over, and put his nose right in her eyes.  AND SISTER COOKIE STAYED THERE.  Good girl, sister Cookie, yes you are yes you are!  Would like to bite Sidekick for not having video.  She say, "Sit stay more boring than watching grass grow.  No need to video." And then this.  For now always, all the stays will be videoed just in case.


  1. Way to go, Cookie!! Impressive that she did the sit stay even with the Akita in her face! Riley always would get up if another dog broke their sit stay and went over to her--she gets nervous. Looks like y'all had fun!

    Elyse and Riley

    1. Was indeed most fun! Self is not as solid as Cookie with stays. She most super. Stays are hard!


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