Sunday, June 3, 2012

The weekend, Rally-O!

So the most best competition day over weekend!  Went with Cookie and sidekick to Apple Turkey (Which is funny, turns out, tastes not like apples or turkeys).  And first was Rally-O!  Had to heel around a fun course.  Did mostly well!  Here is video.

 Here was scores, and ribbons!

Was pretty good!
Third place and qualify!

Rally Novice title, here self comes!  Will have to go and win at two more trials.

Editor's note:  Vertigo and I are so sorry for the late post and general lack of posts!  We had been trying to get our trial videos up and Blogger was giving us error messages each time we tried to upload a video straight to the blog.  We've finally realized that the way to get around this is to upload them to Youtube first, so expect to see a few archive videos in the next few weeks.


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