Sunday, December 8, 2013

Crazy Sidekick saves evil cats

Self thought, that Sidekick and Self had come to agreement.  Deaf Cat may stay, but no more cats.  Is easy enough to understand, right?  Apparently not so.

One day in October, Sidekick came in with a large bag.  Bag went, meow meow!  Oh no.  Really?  ...Yes.  Really.

Sidekick explained.  Would not be nearly as long a time as infestation puppies.  Gypsy, the momma, had  kittens and found herself in the Valencia County Animal Shelter.  She was unlikely to make it out.  Well, self cannot chase all the cats if all the cats are to be put down.  So, okay.  Fine.  Bring in the cats.

At the time, kittens were 5 weeks old.  2 boys, and 4 girls.


 Cairo, a boy

 Madagascar (Maddie), a girl

 All the kittens in a snuggle

 Kenya, a girl

 Another Kenya picture

Sahara, a girl

Another Cairo picture

Also there was Chad, a black kitten, but he was so most hard to photograph!

First, the kittens and Gypsy lived in Clarissa's room, in their own pen.  But soon, Clarissa was unhappy sharing.  So, Clarissa moved out of the room and the kittens got the whole room!

Then in a few weeks the kittens got big and strong enough to begin to explore the house.  That was so most fun!  Self would lie down and sniff all the kittens so most politely.

Almost too soon, after only 5 weeks, all the kittens had found wonderful homes!  Self was right, it was not as hard or long as the crazy puppies.

Still, Self is not hoping for more kittens OR puppies any time soon...

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