Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Self Resolutes...

Here are the things that self will resolute:

1. No longer eat the delicious Swheat Snack.
2. Hold all the bathrooms until it is outside time.
Not only in bedroom, but in whole house which is difficult to remember.
3. Stop with the barking to come inside after only 3 seconds  
Self is getting better at this one!
4. Growling is not for when Sidekick turns over in bed
Self does this more when self is grouchy... self must be a happy dog!
5. Do not play with all the stuffed toys of Sidekick
Actually self likes this so most and it will never change
5. Be all the quiets when left alone in car
6. Take Sidekick hiking and fetching more.
It cheers her mood yet she always forgets!
7. Lick more things
All the things for to be licked!
8. Affirm and collect all the most unique sticks.
Goal:  10 more than last year!
9. Help Sidekick remember to clean.
By taking all the things off all the counters and tables. 
10. Find more water for to splash in.
11. Earn CD and RE titles!

What are the resolutes for all the other people?

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