Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Today we go archive digging! Of hikes and dog parks

To all the people,

Self is full of apology!  It turns out, there are many an unfinished post floating around that self was never able to share.

On this week, Self went to the dog park!  Rarely does this happen, for self would like to have all the toys to self and never for to share.

Dog park is most best for summer day, for dog park has a swimming tub!

Self jumps into swimming tub, then out, then chases the ball, then brings ball back, then jumps into swimming tub, and washes the ball, and repeat!

And always all the people comment on Self's beautiful tail.

Self also went on hike, for to watch all the beautiful late Summer flowers!  Yellows and Purples and Reds.

JC played Queen of the Mountain!

That's all for now!  Soon to be expecting many more catch-up posts.

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